Who are we?

Jasper Wellbeing is a holistic wellness company supporting organisations and individuals across the UK and beyond. Our expertise is built on personal experience and recognised accreditations in wellbeing, mental health, resilience, mindfulness, nutrition, and care.

 Jasper Wellbeing has a unique and personal approach to every client we work with, be this on a one to one, group or organisational level. Our aim is for each person we come into contact with to fully recognise and achieve their wellness goals and live a happier, healthier more fulfilled life.

Shane Cooke

Founder & MD

W.R.A.W – Licenced workplace resilience and well-being Master practitioner

Diploma – Health & Well-being – CDP + iAP accredited

Mindfulness Teacher – mindfulness now qualified

Fitness instruction level 2 + 5 CPD

Chef – published health food recipe writer

Shane is originally from Teesside but moved down south 16 years ago to pursue his dreams as a chef. Over the years those dreams changed and his whole view on life. Shane went from unhealthy chef to caring coach with a dream to make sure workplaces in the UK put their people first. Shane is on a mission to get the world of work to treat mental and physical health the same, diminish unhealthy cultures along with stamping out the negative stigma surrounding mental health.

Be one of those workplaces that treats mental health with the same respect as physical health.

Mental health is not just about problems, it is also about preservation. Just like we work on preserving and enhancing our physical health we should also be doing the same for our minds.

Laura-Jo Blackburn

Creative Designer

LJ is from the Isle of Wight and has been a designer in London for seven years. She specialises in sales and brand design with a background in the food, beverage and hospitality industry.

LJ believes creativity is essential for problem solving and approaching uncertainty within the workplace and everyday life.