About Jasper and me

Firstly, a question I always get asked is why Jasper? I named the company after the healing crystal because it is known as the supreme nurturer and this is exactly what I do so it fits well.

Jasper Wellbeing is a holistic wellness company supporting individuals and organisation across the UK and beyond.

My personal expertise is built on “raw” life experience, and recognised accreditations in meditation, wellbeing, mental health, resilience coaching, mindfulness, fitness, food, and care.

That is a bit of a mouthful, right?

The core of Jasper Wellbeing is Meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and coaching and all the other tools are in the toolbox for when I can share them.

I have a unique and personal approach to every client I work with, be this on a one to one, group or organisational level.

My aim is for each person I encounter to fully recognise and achieve their dreams (and beyond) and live a happier, healthier more fulfilled life.


“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free”

Thitch Nhat Hahn

Just a lad with big dreams…

I am originally from Teesside but moved down south 18 years ago to pursue my dreams as a chef. Over the years those dreams changed and my whole view on life. I went from unhealthy chef to caring coach with a dream to provide a service with a difference which was relatable, simple to use and easily accessible for all. These are all the things I needed most at a time in my life during struggle but never found.

The main thing I always advise individuals and organisations to do is not wait till you “need” support before you access it! Prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes and its true.

I look forward to sharing your journeys with you.



Qualifications | Licences | Certificates

Mindfulness meditation teacher and coach | Certified by Mindfulness now

Breathwork instructor | Certified by Energy Flow

Mindset Coach | Bodhi Thailand (Ongoing)

Meditation Teacher | Bodhi Thailand (ongoing)

Wraw | Master resilience practitioner | Licenced by the Wellbeing Project

Additional information

Published health food recipe writer

Chef | 22 years

Qualified fitness instructor level 2 + 6 CPD

Diploma in Health and Wellbeing | EAP IPD