The Chatter Box

A safe place to chat for all your staff

Being able to talk makes everything feel that little bit better

Lead the way

The Chatter Box is our impactful ‘’safe space’’ chat initiative where employees get the opportunity to talk about absolutely anything in a safe, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere with one of our friendly licenced well-being coaches . The Chatter Box days can take place at your place of work or over zoom.

A safe place for everybody

The Chatter Box initiative is not just for people who feel like they are suffering. People might just want to release those everyday stresses, get some advice, a little direction, some tips, or just a set of ears to talk too. Prevention is something we drive as well as care and resilience, so anybody is welcome!

Support the team – end the stigma

Help diminish the stigma behind mental health in your workplace. This could be the first step to inspiring staff to be more open about their feelings, stresses, needs, expectations and hopes. With openness comes growth and I am sure this will be a welcomed benefit.

Be one of those workplaces that treats mental health with the same respect as physical health.

Mental health is not just about problems, it is also about preservation. Just like we work on preserving and enhancing our physical health we should also be doing the same for our minds.

Let’s talk about the benefits

Having such a great initiative in place will have many benefits for your overall business. It helps create an open, inclusive culture, supports retention, enhances productivity and engagement but most importantly empowerment and understanding.

The chatterbox initiative can be easily incorporated as part of your overall well-being strategy as a continuous monthly/bimonthly/or quarterly fixture.

What to expect

  • Launch day – A fun day to launch the initiative which will allow us to tell the team whats to come.
  • Licenced coaches from different well-being spaces – they all have personal raw experience too.
  • A relaxing space to let it all go.
  • Online or in person at your place of work – the choice is yours.
  • 6 X 45 Minute sessions per coach per day – multiple coaches can be hired.
  • Group or team sessions available.

Contact us today to book your Chatter box

Conversation saves lives, so lets promote it!