Shane Cooke

Founder & MD

Chef-WRAW master practitioner/coach- published recipe writer

Shane is originally from Teesside in the North east. He has spent 20 years working as a chef all over the UK- most recently as a group executive in London.

Shane says ‘coming up through the ranks to the highest levels in kitchens, I have seen depression, suicide, addiction and many other mind, health and wellbeing issues. There is a serious lack of support for these issues in this sector and many other sectors.

I’ve seen that people are often unwilling to admit to experiencing these kinds of problems due to lack of empathy and knowledge in the workplace and in many cases workplace bravado.’

‘I never got help myself for years and  I was only this year diagnosed with depression and anxiety after suffering burnout. I use my diagnosis as my superpower through personal knowledge gained.

For almost a decade I knew that what I was feeling was not right. I kept it to myself for a long time before I found fitness, which in many ways saved me.

Fast forward 4 years and Jasper was born. I hope, through Jasper, to help others like me who may otherwise be afraid or unable to seek the help and guidance they need.’

Ellie Arden

Content & Research – blogger

Ellie grew up in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.  She grew up working in restaurants, later completed an events internship and continues to work in the hospitality and catering industry now. She uses her decade long history of anxiety and depression to create art and write about ways society needs to adapt to be more gentle to people and their health.

Jules Domanski

Chef-Wellbeing writer- blogger

Jules is a full time chef, a part time food, travel and wellbeing writer and a recovering chronic over-thinker. Her passions include mindfulness training, meditation, spontaneous adventures, hiking in forests, sustainability and eating out way too much. Her goal is to build a more sustainable and ethical food industry with a focus on supporting higher welfare, ethical and local producers and educating chefs and diners alike about ways in which to become conscious consumers.

Sara Brewer

Mental health first aid facilitator-WRAW master practitioner/coach- CIPD associate member

Sara is Jasper’s Mental health first aid facilitator but has an incredible array of skills that support the whole business.

Sara’s areas of particular interest are increasing literacy levels and knowledge in wellbeing, resilience and mental health. She is passionate about de-stigmatising and eliminating discrimination around wellbeing and mental health. Sara believes that everyone should be enabled and supported within the workplace to  live life to the full. Sara has twenty five years’ experience within the legal, financial services, private client stockbroking, media, film, music and radio, agrochemical, management consultancy and accountancy sectors and non-political organisations to draw upon.

Laura-jo Blackburn

Creative Designer

LJ is from the Isle of Wight and has been a designer in London for seven years. She specialises in sales and brand design with a background in the food, beverage and hospitality industry.

LJ believes creativity is essential for problem solving and approaching uncertainty within the workplace and everyday life.