Being present in discomfort by Jules Domanski


If there’s one thing this quarantine has provided in abundance- it’s opportunity for self-work. I’ve gone from needing to literally block out time on my calendar for self-care (meditation, journaling, and reading) to having too much time alone with my thoughts and feelings. And it’s brought up a hell of a lot of discomfort. Being able to sit quietly with and embrace feelings of discomfort is something I struggle with deeply. I’m a problem solver at my core, so as soon as feelings like this appear within, my first instinct is to ‘solve’ the root cause of the feeling. I jump [...]

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For The Record – You Don’t Need To EARN Rest


A few months ago, I visited Monkey World in Dorset. I usually feel a bit weird about seeing living things so faraway from their natural habitat, but it is clear to see that at Monkey World, the animals are impeccably well cared for. They are relaxed, well-fed and look like they are having fun – a world away from the laboratories and pet trades thy were rescued from. Continue reading Here

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