We often pick up many bad habits physically and emotionally that we do not realise we have. They often stop us from hitting goals we have planned in our minds. We often do not ever realise we have them and if we do then change them is another story, but it is quite simple and takes just small changes to reap big personal rewards.

I will give you an example – We often want to eat healthier and drink more water because we know it is good for us, right?

The thing is when we are busy, we are often stuck in automatic pilot and just naturally take the day as it comes. My last job as a group exec chef I was running around London visiting many different businesses.

I would often get hungry on route and feel tired so I would run into the nearest shop i.e. – Greggs grab a sausage roll and a coffee to fill those gaps as it was quick and convenient. Sometimes I would do this many times a day. I would get home and think gosh I ate a load of rubbish today and drank too much coffee. I would lie awake thinking I wish I could sleep but those 6 convenient coffees would keep me up.

Then the next day I would do it all over again.

I finally broke the habit by sitting down and writing what I wanted, then I would write what was stopping me (the bad habits) Then I would write down how I could swap the bad habits for good ones, then I would write down all the good things that would come out of swapping those bad habits for good ones and wallah !!! habits changed , mental and physical health was on the rise.

So, I stopped snacking on rubbish by putting healthy snacks inside my bag to fill that hunger through the day and packed a healthy lunch.

I always kept a flask of black coffee and a bottle of water with me, once the coffee was gone, I stuck to water so always could quench the thirst and not revert to Latte or cappuccino.

It was simple the hard part is stepping out of automatic pilot and looking deeper into everything.

Below are 4 stages to changing bad habits

  1. Work out your goals

Write down all the goals you want to achieve.

Make sure they are simple and achievable (start off small and celebrate those wins)

2. Work out all your bad habits currently stopping you from achieving those goals.

Write down all the bad habits you have (as many as you can)

3. Write down all the negative affects you think those habits have on your health, mentally and physically

Make direct swaps from the bad habit to a good habit i.e.- I was eating rubbish as from unhealthy food outlets, so I always made sure I had healthy snacks in my bag (simple swap)

4. Write down what you want as an outcome from changing to good habits.

List all the physical benefits you will gain

List all the mental benefits you will gain

Then list all the great things that will feed of the new changes


The biggest part of change is to stay motivated therefore we must list –

  • What we want as goals
  • What is stopping us
  • How these bad habits are affecting us for the worse
  • Changing the bad for good
  • Focusing of the great outcomes that we will relish in.

It is important to understand what those bad habits are doing to us to remind us why we want to change.

It is important to know where we want to be for continuous motivation.

I hope this can help a few of you to get those bad habits changed.

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Shane Cooke