Being present in discomfort by Jules Domanski


If there’s one thing this quarantine has provided in abundance- it’s opportunity for self-work. I’ve gone from needing to literally block out time on my calendar for self-care (meditation, journaling, and reading) to having too much time alone with my thoughts and feelings. And it’s brought up a hell of a lot of discomfort. Being able to sit quietly with and embrace feelings of discomfort is something I struggle with deeply. I’m a problem solver at my core, so as soon as feelings like this appear within, my first instinct is to ‘solve’ the root cause of the feeling. I jump [...]

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How to Take Control of an Uncontrollable Situation by Jules Domanski


If you’re anything like me, you’re waking up every morning these days and going ‘is this really my new reality?’ It feels like we’ve all been dumped into the storyline of some weird dystopian YA novel. Except unlike in those novels, our happy ending isn’t quite in sight yet. And for someone who is used to waking up every day with a solid plan and a set of expectations I’m pretty certain I can meet at work and in my personal life- this has all thrown me for a loop. On Tuesday night I cracked open a bottle of port I [...]

How to Take Control of an Uncontrollable Situation by Jules Domanski2020-03-30T18:58:58+00:00