2205, 2020

Wellbeing in Hospitality – are we getting it right?

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The hospitality industry has been my entire life for 22 years - my blood, sweat and tears! Many tears… 🤣🤣 but many good times and life long friends made. You know what? I love it, I love hospitality! I love the people, the creativity and the opportunities it has given me and I am desperate for it to thrive again and it will! But what will the collateral damage be to our [...]

1704, 2020

Being present in discomfort by Jules Domanski

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If there’s one thing this quarantine has provided in abundance- it’s opportunity for self-work. I’ve gone from needing to literally block out time on my calendar for self-care (meditation, journaling, and reading) to having too much time alone with my thoughts and feelings. And it’s brought up a hell of a lot of discomfort. Being able to sit quietly with and embrace feelings of discomfort is something I struggle with [...]

304, 2020

The importance of Good leadership, post COVID-19 by Natalie Joyce (Manager of Entree reception services @ Vacherin)

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The importance of good Leadership post COVID-19 With the pending reestablishment of workplace environments following the global pandemic, how do we resume our work environments and reengage our teams? How do we return to “business as usual”? Leadership is the key but most importantly effective leadership to ensure inspiration, reassurance and the upmost support, empathy & compassion. The coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on leaders in all types of [...]

3003, 2020

How to Take Control of an Uncontrollable Situation by Jules Domanski

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If you’re anything like me, you’re waking up every morning these days and going ‘is this really my new reality?’ It feels like we’ve all been dumped into the storyline of some weird dystopian YA novel. Except unlike in those novels, our happy ending isn’t quite in sight yet. And for someone who is used to waking up every day with a solid plan and a set of expectations I’m [...]

910, 2019

The health of the people is the highest law (World Mental Health Day 2019)

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There’s a plaque on The Walworth Clinic in Southwark, London, that the 176 to Tottenham Court Road has driven me past for the last two years. It reads that ‘The Health of the People is the Highest Law’, or in Latin (from its origins in Cicero's ‘De Legibus’) “Salus populi suprema lex esto “. This phrase has been on my mind for a while, and became a backdrop for [...]