4/8 Week Programme

The 4/8 week programme is a fusion of key elements from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. These are evidence-based programmes developed to combat stress, anxiety, re-occurring depression and much more.



The Mindfulness 8 week programme includes

  • A detailed individual assessment: every participant receives an individual detailed assessment, carried out through informal discussion over the phone.
  • 8 x mindfulness sessions lasting up to 2 hours
  • An eight weeks teaching and support programme
  • Dedicated audio recordings for participants to listen to between sessions
  • Access to the trainer between sessions for the duration of the course



What does the 8 weeks look like? (Example)

Week 1:  Waking up from automatic pilot (mindful breathing + mindful eating)
Week 2:  Awareness of our bodies (body scan + walking meditation + the breathing space)
Week 3:  Focus of the body (mindful movement + breath  and body)
Week 4:  Choosing your reaction (mindful walking + sounds and feelings + negative thoughts practices)
Week 5:  Being with what is difficult (exploring difficulty meditation + 3 step breathing space)
Week 6:  Making meaning out of thoughts and feelings (visualization + sitting full sequence + resilience and mindfulness)
Week 7:  Accepting silent space (The lake meditation + doing something pleasant + nourishing activities)
Week 8:  Love and compassion  (Loving kindness meditation + body scan + staying mindful)

Ending with ‘The Gift’, a day-long mindfulness retreat

Is there any homework?

The answer is yes there is homework although the word homework is daunting this is all part of an improved you so the more practice you get in the better. Home work will consist of daily meditations, readings and keeping a journal of thoughts.

We suggest around 30 – 45 mins practice per day.

Homework is not mandatory, the choice is yours.

1:1 or Partners (Private)

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