Personal coaching and One-to-One Sessions

In Person or Online

Come along and join me for your own personal 1:1 coaching from anywhere on this wonderful planet.

Whatever reason it is you have come to this page I am truly honoured. I am here to support and guide you on this journey you are about to take.

Let us look at life through a clearer lens, cultivate more peace and tranquillity through proven techniques. I use a mix or modern and ancient practices that are all proven through science-based evidence.

“Lets squash those limiting beliefs”

You can achieve anything

” Awaken your spirit and ignite your mind”

Re-connect to your inner child

“Realise your capabilities, they are endless”

Aditional areas:

  • The subconscious | Rewire
  • Breaking negative thought cycles and limiting beliefs
  • Relaxation | Calming a busy mind
  • Focus | Restore your drive
  • Forgiveness | Moving on from emotional attachment
  • Pain reduction | Physical and mental
  • Creativeness | Reconnect to your passion
  • Awareness | Higher consciousness

We can work on whatever it is you need even if its not on the list above. We will bespoke and streamline your sessions to deal with anything you need to work on directly.


Mindfulness coaching for Business leadership

Mindfulness has great success with individuals in business. It is the basis of emotional intelligence, the decisive leadership skill of our time. Mindfulness allows us to step out of automatic pilot, increase concentration, reduce stress, and promote emotional intelligence.

Prices may vary depending on your needs




Per Hour

In Person



Per Hour

At Your Home



Per Hour

Prices will vary outside of Surrey

For corporate 1:1 sessions within your organisation please contact me with any questions or we can arrange a free discovery call.