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Welcome home

First off thank you for visiting my website, it’s an honour to have you here. Whatever the reason you have come to visit I am here to support you in any way I can.

Life should always be a big adventure and I am deeply passionate about helping as many people as I can to awaken to this incredible adventure that is life.

 “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your self-talk”

Ask yourself: Is your life positive, exciting, and free? Do you believe anything is possible? Do you believe you can be free and connect to your own true nature? I believe you can!

We let our anxieties, depression, critical self-talk, and conditioning from outside sources permeate the mind, dictate this life and we become our thoughts. I want you to know you can break free, you were born free and being free is your birth right.

Step out of the ego and reconnect to the essence. We are not the thoughts, we are not the pains, we are not the stories.

Let’s master the mind together.

What we think we become! So become love, become joy, become happiness, become bliss.

This is Jasper Wellbeing

Here at Jasper I support individuals, groups and businesses with an array of wonderful tools to help enhance personal and professional wellbeing.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi


The primary goal of meditation is to inspire peacefulness: spiritual connectedness, mental clarity, emotional tranquillity, and physical relaxation.

We practice to awaken from suffering and live a happier, peaceful and more blissfull way of life.

Meditation helps us go beyond our personalities into our sub conscious mind, deeper within our consciousness so that we can experience a more profound and connected sense of our true being.

I run workplace events, courses and wellbeing days along with remote and in person programmes, public classes, 1:1 coaching and retreats.


“Find your true inner spirit, your true essence”


Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment — free from distraction or judgment, and aware of our thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.

We train in this moment-to-moment awareness through meditation, allowing us to build the skill of mindfulness so that we can then apply it to everyday life.

It might be said that mindfulness is a form of meditation, but the practice of mindfulness might not always be meditative. You might be present to this moment in all its glory, but you might not achieve a meditative state or move beyond the mind.

I teach mindfulness in a 1:1, group and workplace settings. The daily practice of mindfulness can be a truly world changing experience.

“This moment is the only one that truly exists”

 Mindset Coaching & Mentorship

Change your life into an incredible adventure.

Lets take a step forward and look at life through a clearer lens. We will cultivate more peace, tranquillity and freedom allowing you to overcome challenges, accomplish your goals and see life as an incredible adventure.

I use a mix or modern and ancient practices that are all proven through science-based evidence.

I provide in person and online coaching for people all over the globe it doesn’t matter where you are, a beach in Thailand, a mountain in France or a fjord in Norway I have got you covered.

“An epic journey awaits”

Meditation Teacher training

With Bodhi Yoga Thailand

The next 10 week meditation teacher training couse dates will be announced soon.

The link below will go live when the dates are released.

“Get certified and work for yourself from anywhere in the world”

Workplace wellbeing

Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing

Whilst there is increasing recognition of the importance of employee resilience and how it impacts wellbeing, until now there has been a gap in terms of how to measure it. Wraw, which stands for workplace resilience and wellbeing, is a psychometric tool that has been developed to provide these insights.

Wraw is a robust model used by leading companies all over the world to great success.

Wraw helps to increase employees’ self-awareness of their current levels of resilience and gives organisations rich data that can be used to support their workforce more effectively and engender a culture of healthy high performance.

Organisational Wellbeing

We are in a Wellbeing crisis. Covid-19 has changed the world of work across the globe. Effective interventions are needed more than ever in the workplace. Before Covid hit statistics already showed the worrying impact of workplace stress and the negative effect that had on businesses. It is time to make those impactful, informed changes and support staff wellbeing to the fullest. Help your people and your business thrive like never before.

Average ROI for effective mental health interventions is a staggering 5.2:1

Deloitte report 2020


Don Patterson | CBRE

Great session with Shane at Jasper wellbeing this afternoon. Offering some food for thought on how to make small changes in your daily routine in these current times to help keep your general well-being in a positive way. Offering insight into how to keep your mind engaged by eating healthy, daily exercise, time to “switch off” and tune in to your personal needs helping to prevent straining yourself. A great opportunity to engage and discuss with others and their experiences on what they have done to improve their wellness. Definitely recommend for anyone who feels they are overwhelmed, bored, demotivated, fatigued or just generally unsure on how to feel in these times. Look forward to the next session.


Paul Brown | Premier crew

After my session talking to shane it gave me a clear picture. The last few weeks since my coaching session have been extremely enjoyable in the kitchens. I haven’t suffered any stress or the need to get out of the kitchen. Shane told me a few things that made me feel better in myself and as a person


Natalie Joyce | Entree Reception services

I attended four informative, inspiring and insightful sessions with Shane at Jasper Wellbeing. They were a fantastic resource in learning invaluable techniques and best practice for my personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of my team particularly during such a sensitive and delicate time of Covid-19.

Thank you for the support, advice and expertise. Very professional and will be sure to recommend.


Andonis Paraskevas | Vacherin

In depth assessment which was professionally presented and thoroughly explained in all areas in high detail. A much needed exercise which really helps your wellbeing, looking forward to continuing with Shane going forward.


Andonis Pareskevas | Vacherin LTD

Having worked with Jasper Wellbeing has been a great experience from a personal and a professional point of view. The whole process is calm and engaging and really does make you look at life in a different perspective and it also follows up to make sure the goals set are being maintained. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking at ways of re evaluating themselves and looking at things from a happier & healthier place

Andonis Pareskevas, Vacherin

Richard Barlow | Barlow Technology

Having always been sceptical of mindfulness, and what it entails, enrolling on the 8 week course was a bit of a leap of faith.5 weeks in, and the benefits are unreal!Im sleeping better than I ever have, and also have more patience.Been great getting out of autopilot and enjoying everyday!

Thanks so much Shane x

Richard Barlow, Barlow Technology

Leah Graciano | Teacher

Great mindfulness sessions! I would definitely recommend a group setting to practice being mindful.
I was struggling to meditate on my own but by joining the course and having a mindfulness teacher it has actually forced me to incorporate more mindfulness into my life. I am now taking time out from “auto pilot” mode to appreciate being more in the now. My stress levels have reduced and I am feeling more relaxed than when I started.

Julie Cook | Team Leader | Woking Family Support Programme

I’d like to thank you for the sessions you ran for Woking BC staff.  I found them useful and thought provoking.  It was great to work with colleagues, some of  whom I have only ever said ‘hello’ to before.  I liked having the opportunity to get to know them better.  It is clear that you know your area of expertise.  I believe most people would benefit from attending your sessions. 

Robin Taylor | Woking Borough Council

I would firstly like to thank you for the sessions I found them personally very useful and I have made several changes.  I have found I feel stable, happier and more productive in and out of work.


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